Meet the Outsider: Oregon's Weatherman Braves All Elements

Andy Carson is an early Outsider. His gig as weatherman for "Good Morning, Oregon" on KPTV in Portland means a call time at 4:30 AM! But the early alarm doesn't deter Andy from cycling into work on most days, even during the cold and rainy seasons of the Pacific Northwest. You can also often find Andy hiking and running in the Great Outdoors--climbing and fishing, too! Read on to learn more about this fair-and-foul-weather enthusiast.

Andy Carson is an Outsider, anywhere and in any weather. 

Andy Carson is an Outsider, anywhere and in any weather. 

I make time to be an Outsider because "it's good for my health and wellbeing, mentally and physically."

The time I spend in nature brings "balance" to my daily life.

Nature challenges me "with all the weather elements.  From sun and heat to cold and wind, throw in rain, snow and hail."

My favorite moments spent outside are "the best moments of my day.  Whether eating, working or sleeping,  it's always better outside."

My favorite thing about being in nature is "taking in the beauty.  It's so much better than what Disney can do."

My favorite place to get outside "is in the Pacific Northwest, because it's the best!"

Nature brings me "peace" and I give back to nature by "packing out what I pack in."

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