Green Business Innovators in the Emerald City

Cheers to green business! All around Seattle, companies are finding new and novel ways to bring conservation considerations into their everyday operations.  The Chamber of Commerce offers a great list of these local innovators, from construction to cuisine. Here are a couple of the tastier stories:

Fremont Brewing

At your next happy hour, raise a glass to local businesses helping protect Washington nature!

Transporting barley across the Cascades generates more of a carbon footprint than Fremont Brewing would like, so they’re bringing barley back to Western Washington. They are not only supporting a growing barley market among local farmers, they already have a couple brews featuring Skagit Valley crops. 

The process to create these and other refreshing beers results in a lot of spent grain, which the brewer currently sends along to feed cattle in Enumclaw. But they are aiming even higher in their quest to reduce and reuse. With Seattle Public Utilities and Bioimpact Energy, Fremont Brewing is piloting a digester machine that turns the grain into energy.

Tom Douglas Restaurants

Is all this talk of tasty brews leaving you a starved for a bit more sustenance? Local star chef Tom Douglas has you covered, bringing green strategies — not to mention fresh, edible greens alongside other local fares — to the table. The family farm in Prosser delivers more than 1,500 pounds of produce to Douglas restaurants each week, dramatically cutting the greenhouse-gas emissions that would result from transporting food from around the country and world.

Innovative, energy-efficient fans and stove hoods in the kitchen use sensors to adjust air flow needs in the back and front of the house. During one summer week using the new system, energy consumption in one of the kitchens dropped by 70 percent!

Learn more about these and other game-changing visionaries in our local business sector: Check out the Chamber’s online round-ups and the companion report.