Our Science March Participation Went Global

Our Washington-based scientists and staff participated in the March for Science around the world — along with our large contingency at the Seattle march. With the power of science (the internet!) they are sharing their photos and experiences from Pullman to Portugal. Enjoy!

From Erica (Pullman, Wash.):

Science team member Erica Simek Sloniker and Nature Conservancy colleague Berkley Ridenhour participated along with hundreds in Pullman, Wash., for the Palouse March for Science. With two land-grant universities, the Palouse is full of scientists from many different fields.

From Jodie Toft (Seattle):

"We really enjoyed attending.  Swung by the The Nature Conservancy's booth early on and then were dragged hither and yon by Rosie, my daughter. Good speeches — I liked those highlighting the need for equity in science. Also, saw lots of science friends, which brought out the social butterfly in me, so I was in my happy place."

From Julie Morse and Bob Carey (Bellingham, Wash,):

"A few photos from a very wet but fun Bellingham!"

From Jamie Robertson (Olympia, Wash.):

Science team member Jamie Robertson marched with his daughter in the March for Science in Olympia.

Ask a scientist why the sky was blue for the 5,000 marching in Olympia!

From Kari Vigerstol (Spokane, Wash.)

The sun was shining down on the beautiful crowd!

The Spokane walk drew in a crowd of several hundred (I don’t think we quite reached 1,000) and some fantastic speakers, who touched on the connections between science and the health of people and our planet, as well as how science brings in jobs to the Spokane community. It was a great atmosphere of support for all facets of science, including science for smart policy and decision making, funding for science education and research and all the great ways that science supports healthy communities. 

From Phil (Lisbon, Portugal)

Our Lead Scientist Phil Levin reporting from Portugal. He's with a working group on Baltic Sea and Mediterranean ecosystem assessments.