March Volunteer Spotlight: Apoorva Chandra

For this month’s volunteer spotlight, we want to introduce you to Apoorva Chandra! 

Apoorva is being recognized for her commitment to volunteerism, and decidedly un-diva like attitude.  She is willing to help out however is needed, no matter what the task, and is always very thorough.  She has even been known to stay after the office closes to see a project to completion!  While many of our volunteers stick to one role, Apoorva is flexible!  On Mondays she helps out with the everyday administrative tasks at the front desk and on Wednesdays she works on the volunteer database, entering volunteer hours and new applications, and occasionally she joins the Ambassador crew at community events.  Her most recent project was to digitalize old paper files to help us prepare for the office move!  Aside from her willingness to support our work in any way necessary, Apoorva stands out in her eagerness to learn and grow as a volunteer. 

Here’s the inside peek into what makes her tick!

The Nature Conservancy: Where are you from?  How long have you been living in Seattle?

Apoorva Chandra: I am from the state of Haryana in India. I moved to Texas from India to go to college in 2008.  Afterwards, I moved to New Jersey for graduate school.  I was visiting family here in Washington in the summer of 2015 when I saw the TNC office in Downtown Seattle. I have always wanted to live in different parts of the country, so I moved here and started volunteering as I look for full time jobs.  I love it here in Seattle!   

TNC: Anything about your career or schooling you would like to share?

Apoorva: I decided to go for a career in the non-profit sector after starting to volunteer at The Nature conservancy  :-) 

TNC: What inspired you to start volunteering with The Nature Conservancy?

Apoorva: An environmental science course during graduate school. TNC and the work it does came up during a class discussion, and I was inspired by its motto: "protecting nature, preserving life. "

TNC: What gives you the most hope for the future?

Apoorva: The Environmental Crisis is being recognized at a global level, and that is the first step in the mission to save the planet and this makes me hopeful. 

TNC: How does volunteering make you feel? 

Apoorva: It makes me feel good because I am becoming an environment conscious, recycling and composting individual. 

TNC: Who is your environmental hero?

Apoorva: Rachel Carson, because she wrote the book Silent Spring, which was an eye opener.