Life on the Emerald Edge

Vibrant indigenous and local communities with the power to secure a prosperous future where ancient forests stand, wild salmon run, and the vital connections between people and nature thrive for generations to come.  

The people! The rainforest! The wildlife! The Emerald Edge is teeming with life.  

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Enter the Emerald Edge

With your support, The Nature Conservancy is empowering community-led conservation to protect old growth forests, wild salmon runs and a close-knit web of life, as the region faces unprecedented threats.  

Learn more about the place, peril and opportunity. 

How we’re working: 

  • Community well-being: We’re putting the priorities of indigenous and local people first. 

  • Partnership: Being an invited partner gives us a unique opportunity at a critical time. 

  • Scale: Together we’re scaling up to make a transformational impact. 

  • Science: Our science serves as a wayfinder on the path to sustainable futures. 

  • Results: We’re addressing the priorities of the people who call this place home. 

  • Commitment: We’re thinking forward to the next 500 years.  

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With your gift, we can conserve the largest temperate rainforest in the world
and help the people and wildlife who make it their home.

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View from a Canoe.
Exploring the Worlds Largest Coastal Temperate Rainforest

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Cover photo by Jon McCormack