Cascading Benefits

In many regions of the nation and world, rainfall poses a particular, important challenge: polluted stormwater runoff. As we seek to address the challenge of improving water quality, we have an opportunity to use the innate qualities of nature to boost health and wellbeing. This report provides a new perspective that merges recent innovations: nature for water management and nature for human health.

Dive deep into this milestone report from The Nature Conservancy and learn more about the benefits of cities where people and nature thrive.

Nature's Riches Report

The health and financial benefits of nearby nature from Kathy Wolf and research partners. 

We partnered with Washington State University to share their research on how to solve stormwater issues affecting our region.

Puget Sound is a unique place to forge a new vision for facing climate change. A snapshot look at the state of the science from the University of Washington's climate impacts group.

Watch: The Power of Trees

New research shows that trees communicate with one another and share nutrients through their roots! They need each other.
In urban areas, trees also help us with health, economic and social benefits. They are part of our culture. We need them.
So, how can we return the favor?