Meet the Farmers

Meet the Farmers is a collection of stories about farmers participating in the Precision Conservation for Salmon and Water Quality in Puget Sound Regional Conservation Partner Program (RCPP).

These are stories of farmers who are striving to help improve water quality in their local watershed. Learn about their stewardship and how RCPP contributes to conservation efforts and preserving the farming heritage of Puget Sound.  

As part of the Alliance for Puget Sound Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy and others partnered with the Washington State Conservation Commission to secure farm bill and state matching funds for Puget Sound farmers. These farmers in high priority salmon and shellfish watersheds are installing stewardship projects that protect and improve water quality for nature and people.

What is the Farm Bill?

Last year, Congress passed a new Farm Bill that includes strong conservation and forestry provisions that will benefit American farmers, ranchers, foresters and other landowners.

The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 will increase the flexibility and resources going toward public-private partnerships and easements, and takes important steps toward climate-smart practices. The bill also extends the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, which encourages partnerships on science-based restoration of priority forest landscapes.

This Farm Bill was the biggest opportunity in years for Congress to make the right policies for—and investments in—the conservation of private lands in the United States. Congress passed a bill that will help farmers, ranchers and forest owners become more sustainable and productive, while protecting lands and waters for the benefit of all Americans and wildlife.

The new Farm Bill is a victory for the conservation and stewardship of the natural treasures that are America’s ranches, farms and forests. The health of these lands is critical to the success of private landowners, to our economy and to rural communities. The bill’s investment in conservation programs, combined with important forestry provisions, will give landowners tools to protect their land and their way of life.

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