Transform freshwater systems to support thriving rivers, salmon recovery, flood management, water quality and a healthier Puget Sound.

Can nature and cities co-exist? As our planet becomes increasingly urban, the answer is yes! For nature, cities and people to thrive, we must connect all three through green infrastructure, access to nature and sustainable solutions to our biggest challenges.

In Washington and around the world, people increasingly live in dense urban areas. By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in cities. This migration brings challenges and huge opportunities.

One of the biggest risks is that urban dwellers feel disconnected from nature – due to lack of access or lack of understanding of all the benefits nature brings, regardless of where we live. Healthy cities require integration of nature both to enhance quality of life, and to help us manage storm water runoff, grow food and clean the air.

The Nature Conservancy is working in Washington and around the world to create vibrant cities that weave nature into everything, and connect people to green spaces, clean water and fresh air. We are rolling out science-based and innovative solutions that tackle pollution caused by toxic storm water run-off – solutions that will ultimately help clean up Puget Sound. We are connecting with a new generation of leaders who live in cities and value nature for all its benefits. And we are tackling equity issues that are becoming increasingly apparent in urban areas as climate change takes its toll.

Together we can create healthy cities where people and nature thrive together.