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Rainy Season & Storm Water

Fall brings rain to the northwest and the forecast says it's going to be wet through the end of October. We are looking for images of this fun rainy season, standing water, drainage systems and fun recreation in the rain all in urban or rural areas, below is a list of desired shots:

- Rain circling a storm drain
- Rain dripping off a roof onto a parking lot
- Big puddles in parking lots (showing impermeable surfaces)
- Standing water in fields or parks
- Garden water barrels/ water collection
- Green garden covered in water droplets
- Rain gardens in action with flowing water

- People enjoying hiking, walking in the rain
- Kids playing in the rain with umbrellas and/or rainboots
- People exploring the beach or coastline in the rain

Updated deadline for this assignment is 2/28/18. If you would like to sign up for this assignment please fill out the form below and let us know which perspective you would like to capture.

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