The beauty of nature is evident in a mountain, meadow, or ocean shore—but it is often also right at hand. Throughout Washington, our cities keep nature close. We invite you to join us in celebrating the nature nearby: your backyard, local park, community garden, or even a neighborhood tree in bloom.

Nature in your Backyard

Nature is closer than you think. Click through our interactive map below to virtually visit special places where you can easily access and embrace nature throughout Washington. Then plan your own quick trip!

We zoomed in from broad and beautiful landscapes to showcase the delicate intricacies of Washington’s ecosystems. Check out these photos that bring you very near to nature.

As nature's neighbors, we must all play a part in preserving natural wonders throughout Washington. As Earth Day approaches, we invite you to explore opportunities to volunteer and engage with us.

  • Join us at the March for Science on Earth Day to raise a collective voice and take a stand for science. 
  • Earth Day and every day, become a volunteer with The Nature Conservancy to share your time and talents.
  • Explore EarthShare's links on more local opportunities to make a difference during Earth Month. (Scroll down for Washington-specific links.)