The Connection Between a Healthy Planet and the Food We Eat

Salmon from the Skagit River. Mushrooms gathered from the forest. A heritage turkey or pasture pork. Winter kale, acorn squash, ripe red apples and sweet golden pears. Hungry yet?

We depend on nature to help us set a table with delicious food.  Healthy land and air, clean water in the right quantities at the right time, thriving oceans all contribute to a table rich with the yield from Washington’s farmers, fisherman, foragers and shellfish growers.

The resources we count on to fill our pantry and refrigerator are jeopardized by climate change and by increasing demands on nature.  But across our state, The Nature Conservancy is working to assure our rapidly growing state has enough food and water. We protect the forests which shade the watershed supplying water to the rich Yakima Valley, one of the nation’s largest agricultural valleys. We are restoring vital floodplains to support farmers and assure the water flowing into Puget Sound is clean. We are restoring rivers where salmon thrive and working with fisherman on sustainable fishing practices in the ocean.

Join us as we work to protect nature so nature can keep supplying us with healthy food.