For many of us, our most treasured family memories come from experiences outdoors—a walk in the park, playing tag or hide-and-seek in a backyard, gathering around a campfire or exploring a new trail.

Getting outside is good for kids, good for adults, and builds the bonds of community.

Nature helps us learn, helps us concentrate, improves creativity and even do better on tests.

Nature keeps us healthy. Spending time outdoors reduces stress, helps behavior problems, fights childhood obesity, and more.

Spending time in nature is good for our kids, good for us, and good for our planet!. If children grow up interacting with nature, they are more likely to develop a conservation ethic, volunteer, recycle and participate in outdoor recreation as an adult.

Here in Washington, The Nature Conservancy is working to ensure that nature thrives and all of us can enjoy its benefits.

The Conservancy also has resources specifically designed to help children, parents and teachers connect with nature.

Check out Nature Rocks, where you can find an array of activities for any age and any attention-span, from 30 minutes to all day. Type in your zipcode and find nature near you.

And Nature Works Everywhere is geared for educators, with curriculum, lesson plans, videos and virtual field trips exploring our natural world with a focus on science and learning.

You can also visit our preserves!